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Soap, your best sidekick these days at home

HAAN founders explain company situation regarding Covid19 and promote soap like the perfect hanitizer at home with a short video

We want to be completely honest, we weren’t ready for this situation, no one was. This situation has come as a surprise and has caused that we run out of stock of our Hand Sanitizer, since it is one of the most demanded products right now.

Two years ago, we had the idea of creating a product that could be helpful for our daily life out of our homes, providing an easy and handy way to wash our hands without the need of using water. This philosophy is strongly united to the B face of our business: creating wells in Africa to fight against the global water crisis, where you contribute by buying one of our hand sanitizers. We didn’t think that this product, that was unknown for many people before the Covid-19 outbreak, would basically become an essential good right now and is about to become a daily habit in our lives after this crisis.

For all these reasons, we want to send you the following message: don’t worry if you don’t have a hand sanitizer right now, since probably most of you have available a cleanser as effective as the hand sanitizer, which is water and soap. We want to encourage you to continue using this traditional hand-washing method, that we think it is the best option to sanitize our hands when we are home. If you have a hand sanitizer, use it when you are outside, if you have to go to your work or grocery shopping, but don’t waste it at home when you have soap.

You will probably be tired of hearing the same sentence at this point, but the best way to avoid spreading and getting infected is not by using a hand sanitizer, but by staying home. By being home and washing your hands with water and soap you will be contributing to slow down this global crisis and will help people at risk reduce their possibilities of infection, you will help health workers, public transportation drivers, supermarket employees, and many other people who are risking their own health for us. The hand sanitizer is not the solution to this crisis, the solution is being responsible, being empathetic and being aware that our collaboration is completely necessary.

Right now we are working non-stop to have stock available as soon as possible and be able to supply our retailers, mostly thinking about being your sidekick in our process of going back to our normal lives. We may think that this moment will never arrive, but it will. We want to help you make this process easier, making you feel safe when we can finally leave our homes. We also want to send you our support during this situation, we know it won’t be easy but this sacrifice will help us be able to return to our normal lives sooner and in a safer way.