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Top 5 Must-Haves For This Fall

The leaves of the trees are starting to change color, the air is starting to feel crispier and you're starting to realize that your bag essentials are needing a seasonal update.

Keep reading to discover our must-haves for the new season.

1. Hand Cream

Once the cold starts, your hands start getting reddish knuckles, then the itch comes and suddenly they turn dry & sore. Pamper your hands throughout this fall and winter with our deeply hydrating prebiotic hand cream. Easy to fit even in the smallest of handbags, make sure you're staying moisturised no matter where you go.




2. Sunscreen

Even though it is cold outside, your skin is still absorbing ultraviolet rays. We recommend wearing sunscreen at all times when you are outdoors, regardless of the time of the year. Cover up with an SPF30 moisturiser to protect your face at all times!

3. Hand Sanitizer

Our lives are as busy as ever, and one sidekick that has proven to be a definite must-have is our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer. Easy to fit anywhere and sure to keep your hands clean, hydrated & protected.


4. Nourishing Face Cream

Not every moisturizer will work for dehydrated skin, especially in the colder months. Look for moisturizers that contain a mixture of emollients (like ceramides), which repair your skin barrier, and humectants (like glycerin and hyaluronic acid), which draw and seal moisture into the skin. An ideal combo to keep your skin glowy!


5. Lip Balm

Dry & itchy lips are never in style. We suggest opting out for a lip product that contains either natural waxes, butter or oil to protect, nourish and repair damaged lips.