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What our brand is really about

What if we wanted to change the care industry as we know it? What if it was a young brand like us that does it? What if we could introduce a new approach to your care shelf?

Today, many industries are changing the way they think, act and produce. Both in the fashion and technology industry. So why isn’t the care industry taking part?

When creating our brand, we wanted to take it upon our hands to introduce a new way of doing things. We wanted to challenge a preestablished sector and defy the norms with a disruptive approach that REALLY took into consideration the people and the planet.

As a young brand, we believe we are the ones that need to promote and make the change. We believe that activism should start from the roots, from where everyone has access: as a customer, as an employee and as a businessperson.

So, what is our brand really about?

We want to be as honest and as raw as possible because that’s what life is about. 

When it comes to HAAN, we want you to be our friend, we want you to trust us, and we want you to feel like you are part of the change. Because in reality… you truly are.

We want to lead a shift towards a more conscious care industry, together.

The ultimate way to offset environmental impact is to reduce how much consumers need to rebuy something. 

With so much saturation in the beauty industry, it’s important to make products that are unique and deserve a spot in your bag on the bathroom shelf.” – Eric Armengou and Hugo Rovira, cofounders at HAAN.

So, how do we try to Turn Care Around?

Since day one, our biggest goal has been to not be part of the problem, but part of the solution. We go by four simple words - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Rethink – it all starts with an idea.

All of our products have a bigger purpose: to be as conscious as possible with the planet and humanity and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is why, we only use clean and natural ingredients in our formulation. For our packaging, we go with the same standards - these being 100% recyclable and as long-lasting as possible.

Reduce – a less is more approach.

While we design our packaging to be as green as possible, we’re always looking for additional ways to lessen our impact.

With the introduction of our Refill Pouches, we’ve managed to reduce production and waste. In fact, this new product offers 89% savings on plastic (compared to using a Pocket bottle), 80% less water and energy (used in production) and 15% cheaper than buying a new hand sanitizer. 

Reuse – buy once, use for a long time.

We want to create products of such cool design that customers prefer to reuse their packaging rather than throwing them away to buy new ones. With every one of our Refill pouches, you extend the life of your HAAN pocket bottle by 3 times.

Recycle – coming full circle.

Whenever your bottle is no longer usable, feel free to recycle it! Our products are made with Pokypropylene (PP5) plastic which is 100% recyclable. It’s good for you and for our planet as well!

But why stop there?

“We believe everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and hygiene” - Eric and Hugo, cofounders of HAAN.

As some of you may know, our founders Eric & Hugo, started HAAN in 2018. For them, a parallel project that they found closer to their way of understanding life. A brand that from its grounds has a defined social commitment. A brand that is designed with the planet in mind.

Through the motto Water is Life, we aim to provide clean water in developing countries. Access to clean water improves health conditions, increases school enrollment, and fosters economic prosperity for communities in need. We started by donating 20% of our profits to water organizations that work to provide clean water in Africa.

So, what really happens when you buy our products?

We allocate 20% of all our profits to raise awareness and fight against the water crisis: a global problem directly linked to health, education and growth in developing countries.

So basically, this means that for every 30 ml contained in each HAAN Pocket you buy, we transform them into 134 liters of drinking water. 

How do we do this calculation? Let us break it down for you.

We look at facts!

1. How many liters of water does a person need a day? 5 liters.  

2. How many habitants are in a developing community? 420 people approximately. 

3. Which is the lifetime of a water well? 10 years approximately.

4. How much liters does a well generate in a year? 766.500

5. And in ten? 7.665.000

6. Which is the cost of a water well? 3.300€ approximately

7. How many HAAN Pockets do we need to sell - taking into account that 20% of its profits go to contributing to this cause? 56.897

8. How many liters of water do we contribute (taking into account that the well last 10 years? 134 liters of clean water. 

How do we do it? 7.665.000/56897= 134 liters of clean water.

Our mission is to keep contributing to this cause, helping to create hope and happiness through the construction of water wells, the improvement of health conditions and consequently increasing school enrollments and economic prosperity. We are all in this together.

Got more questions about HAAN? We would love to hear from you!

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