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Our Purpose

We believe in using our business to give back

and do good - in whatever ways we can -

to the people and the planet.

For us this meant focusing our mission

and activity on Water Crisis visibility,

awareness and

20% of our profits fund water
wells in developing countries.

by Water

The numbers speak for themselves

  • 785 mill

    785 mill

  • 1 mill

    people die each year from
    water, sanitation and
    hygiene-related diseases

  • Every 2 min

    a child dies from a water-
    borne disease

  • 200 mill

    hours are spent by
    women and girls to collect

Why water

With this alarming information in mind, at HAAN we see an opportunity to give back to society by generating a positive impact on the planet. Through the motto Water is Life, we aim to provide clean water in developing countries. Access to clean water improves health conditions, increases school enrollment, and fosters economic prosperity for communities in need.

“We believe everyone in the world should have access to a source of
clean water and hygiene” - Eric and Hugo, cofounders of HAAN.

  • 11

    M liters generated

  • 17


  • 3.726

    benefited people